Wednesday, February 2, 2011

J Boat Whirlwind project

I have been working on a project for a few years, not everyday but always keeping my ears open and when ever I find new info I like to add it to the file. My goal is to find as much info about the great J Class yacht Whirlwind built by Landon Thorne my great grandfather. I recently went to a J Class lecture hosted by Sail Newport, I was hoping the lecture would be about the history of the class and the boats built in the USA. But it was about current J Class boats and what it was like to sail them. I had the pleasure of talking to David Pittman and was supprised to find that the official J Class had all the drawings and good info about all the boats except Whirlwind.


  1. Hi Yarrow,

    Do you have the original drawings of Whirlwind that were used by your great grandfather?

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  3. Glad you have found this - I too have just been on the J-Class website and having read a description of her, I instantly wanted to see a photograph of Whirlwind - thank you!